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Yggdrasil by Wyvern

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Type: Battle Race
Size: 1808 x 1280, 163KB


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Hey there, I came back out of hiding with a new map. :) It's my first actual Battle Race - not a puzzle map this time!

It's designed to have only a couple tricky jumps and lots of opportunities to make things difficult for whoever's in front, in the form of mine and shotgun holes. You'll get the most out of this map if you and your opponent(s) are very familiar with the game and its jumping mechanics, I'm afraid it's not that newcomer-friendly!

My humble suggestion: Show no mercy and do everything in your power to impede your opponent's advancement. :D

Special thanks for the test runs and suggestions go to coste, StepS, Korydex and floflo.

Added on: 6th February 2015, 00:03
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