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CyberSpace Network Hive Mind Jet Pack Race by ProtoLux

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Type: Jet Pack Race
Size: 4000 x 1336, 838KB

Tags: jet pack race, jpr, cyber, computer



Fresh conceptual jet pack race released.
Cyber nightmare edition

Normal difficulty: Submerged Coast (no bottom border, but top border should be applied for ceiling and the effect of mind being in a box of cyberspace)
Easy: with bottom border
Escape the cyberspace in under 5 minutes before the cyber-neural pathways change shape again and one would get trapped for an eternity in the binary matrix ocean! FUEL Speed ahead, ready, jet, go!

Added on: 27th January 2015, 18:54
Downloads: 104

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Worth: 1 EXP

Features: Not-so-good graphics, Unimaginative. (complain/suggest)