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Sonic Darts by sHaDoWMaN

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Type: Darts
Size: 4640 x 720, 125KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: sonic, tails, sega, the hedgehog, sHaDart



Well, didnt want to leave without posting this map so here is :)
The main idea that i had when i started it, (2 months ago ;p, btw thanks to skum for the style inspiration ^^), was made it quiet easy for those who discovering Darts recently so they could just larn softly or bounce on the gap xD also two choices (ye ye mirrored... tho only the distance between Start platform and scoreboard) for those who prefer a different fly direction ^^. That's all.
Have fun

The biggest description i've made lol

probably in couple of months I would fix some stuff :p

Added on: 25th March 2014, 02:05
Downloads: 108

Comments: 16 (read/write)

Worth: 3 EXP

Features: Themed. (complain/suggest)