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Green Hill Zone MineBomber by Apocalypse

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 3840 x 1392, 131KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: MineBomber, Sonic, Green Hill Zone



Finally, a new map for this underappreciated game mode. The only one existing prior was some tacky thing I made ages ago just to have something to play the game on.

MineBomber is a twist on a special variety of Holy Wars I knew from World Party, in which God Mode and SDET were employed via Wormpot. The latter wasn't available in Armageddon until the advent of Rubberworm, but now, it can be appreciated in all its glory... just without the HHG's.

Instead, MineBomber is a game about flying around dropping mines on everything. ...well, it's a little more complicated than that. The object is to blow enemy worms out of a bowl-shaped map, but individual mines aren't enough to get the job done. You'll have to create piles of mines and then tactfully knock worms into them, activating the whole pile at once and sending them flying. Which is trickier than it sounds.

The appropriate Rubber scheme is attached. Try it with as many worms as you're able to stand and go nuts! See if it floats your boat. A replay of an online match with this map and scheme is available for download here if it tickles your fancy.

Added on: 8th February 2014, 01:31
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Worth: 2 EXP

Features: Unimaginative, Themed, Sprites. (complain/suggest)