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Pokeshopper by FoxHound

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 4800 x 5232, 1492KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: pokemons, shoppa, big, dat ash, evolution, darwin



This map is so big that is recommended to use RubberWorm features for it. The scheme attached was updated to version 3.8, designed specially for this map, called "Big Rubber Shopper" (being useful for any very big shopper map). /arrows chat command is helpful. The game still lacks a "/arrows" command for enemy worms, this would be very good to find enemy worms on big maps like this one (the scheme was optimized to try to deal with this).

The map received a small update too, fixed areas that could potencially lock spawning worms and crates, plus some details. It is now moved from "Shopper" category to "Other Rubber" category. It has 64 colors.

Big Rubber Shopper (version 3.8) scheme details:
0.00001 bounce
pressing tab always change worms
rope is very strong
multi shot on
20 crates per turn
45 seconds of turn time
16 seconds of hot-seat time.
rope retreat 3 seconds
land retreat 2 seconds
rope roll drops on
batty rope off
standard weapon powers
250 mines and oil drums
2 second mines
Petrol Bomb lasts 1 turn
balanced weapons % in crates
no air viscosity, normal gravity, no wind affecting worms or weapons
max speed of rope and objects is high but not unlimited (this way there is no "slow down" / "laggy sensation")

Added on: 16th December 2013, 18:34
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