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The Wooden Metropolis by HyperCosmic

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Type: Other
Size: 1640 x 1240, 422KB

Tags: city, woods, sci-fi, past, fusion, future


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Past and 21st century/futuristic utopia intertwined, in the "Metropolitan Excursions" arc/chapter (3rd one to be initiated) in the Next-Gen saga.

The wood is just about to turn to white shimmering metal in this mystical metropolis, as solar rays upgrade the atoms of the geo-material, eg. this wooden structure-complex. The conversion is indicated by the white consistent patches appearing sporadically on the surface of buildings, serving as a kind of exotic pseudo-decoration as of now.

Suitable schemes: various forms of strategic/tactical, mainly, as well as hysteria

Added on: 19th November 2013, 14:51
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