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The Crystal Twin Palace- NEW ERA ANNOUNCEMENT ENTRY by HyperCosmic

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Type: Other
Size: 2560 x 1600, 427KB

Tags: next-gen, crystal, tower, castle, normal, custom



Brief general Introduction of the onset of the HyperCosmos era

Welcome to the next generation-movement of W:A maps (on my side, this is the "debut" public contribution, feel free to add your share of map, in this respect and era-section). Announcing the overture is of grand pleasure, as well as are equally the creation of maps belonging to this freestyle nonlinear saga which herald a new, multiwormiversal cosmic age, both in theme, outlook, versatility and graphical-design theory, adding a new magic into the ever expanding map-realm of W:A. Graphical experiment, rare ideas, concepts, which have never seen the light of the day (so far) and were brewing decaying in the murky shadelands of W:A, but now get their chances to ascend to the renewed realm and mezmerize the keen folks, revitalize the five senses and liberate new gates of imagination through which new grounds of joy and creativity may flow. I hope playing on them is just as much fun... or even beyond

Map specifics:
Suitable schemes (for instance): intermediate/forts/PX highlander

Added on: 18th November 2013, 13:33
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