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Original Spiky RR (for spikeless edition - 21794) by Skum

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 15544 x 5640, 1098KB

Tags: D(RR)sf I


 7.40 (5)
 6.80 (5)
 6.00 (5)

A weird mad scheme for training ur roping skillz on not smooth surfaces.
The complexity of the map (spikes size) increases in each following block.

This map might be rather shitty for "oldfagz", but here is rather "witty" and evil style, which will please those who likes something unusual. >:}
But still, if u need spikeless edition - here it is: #21794


Added on: 10th October 2012, 16:33
Downloads: 1851

Comments: 6 (read/write)

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Worth: 5 EXP

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