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WORMINETOR Begins by TesterMan69

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Type: Other
Size: 4984 x 2200, 372KB

Tags: rope race mine teams



Yes.... I hate mines Grrrrrrrrrrrr
So I created long time ago a new scheme titled Worminetor (idk why not published before, maybe only lazziness). The point of this is extermine the mines, because we hate them!!! And for do it more interesting, should be played against an opponent.

Create 2 teams, and set the worms of each team in each Start (right, there are 2 Starts, one for each team). Play with normal rope race scheme with turns following the rules writed in the map.

Summary for win:
- Extermine your mines (mines in your side map - map is mirrored).
- Extermine the shared mines (mines in the middle of the map).
- You can fuck the opponent worms with rope knocking (no weapons).
- Go to the finish (finish in your side map).
- Of course, if your opponent dies, you win also.

fghlflhflghflh ^^

Let's to hate the mines!!!!!

Added on: 19th August 2012, 22:51
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