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Dungeon Boardgame by yuurepoer

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Type: Board Games
Size: 1920 x 696, 108KB

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Tags: hell devil slave slaveworm yuri


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Dungeon Boardgame

My new boardgame,. Some tasks are new, and some of them are
improved versions of tasks that i made in the previous boardgame


- Start at the bottom left in box #01
- Always teleport to the next box, (accept #14 ofcourse..)
- Use the wind as dice as indicated in the middle of the map
- The first to complete box #25 is the winner of the game.,

Bonus tasks: (copy and paste these in the in-game chatbox)

/anon 01] Stand in box #19, make a lap around the map and come back to #19 with aquasheep before the sheep blows up!
/anon 02] Stand in box #25, Hit any of the worms under the red balls with a bazooka!
/anon 03] Stand in box #18, Hit any of the worms under the red balls with a mole!
/anon 04] Walk from box #15 to box #12 with Low-gravity on..
/anon 05] Stand in box #03, Hit the hanging slaveworm with an aquasheep!
/anon 06] Stand in box #06, Launch a homing missile into box #25
/anon 07] Stand in box #09, Sink a Banana bomb in the hole..
/anon 08] Stand in box #19, Throw a 3 second grenade with Max-bounce in the mine depot!
/anon 09] Stand in box #16, Launch an aquasheep and fly into box #18!
/anon 10] Mexi the entire map, with Low-gravity..

You could also choose not to use the wind as dice, and just
do all the tasks one by one, and just skip the torture rooms

And ofcourse a VERY big thanks to the people that helped me Testing this map!

and please give me a feedback on this map @ the comment box, Thanks in advance! :)

Added on: 18th March 2012, 12:48
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