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Rusty Martian Rock RR v2 by Skum

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 12000 x 5000, 1328KB

Tags: Orange foreskin, D(RR)sf II



Everything you need for cool RR.
Many open places, flies, convenient width, signals on the end of dangerous walls, a few plopz, bright, but not toxic colors, funny sprites (pictures) and cool petrosyan texts ;)
Everything is in the right positions, everything is quite clear calculated.
I did this map 3 days (1-2 hours in each), for me its it is much higher than my norm. All the layout is well chosen (cool patter + orange rock layout and much weak effects). And good not big, not short game time. Enjoy.

Only 64 colorz. blue background (but better use balck)

Thanks for testing, tips and tricks to Masta.^^

Added on: 29th February 2012, 13:28
Downloads: 1452

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Worth: 3 EXP

Features: Sprites. (complain/suggest)