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Project 2501 by Fire-Lord

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Type: Roper
Size: 1920 x 696, 91KB

Tags: ghost, shell, motoko, kusanagi, puppet, master


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Project 2501 - l called myself a life-form but l am still far from complete. For some reason, my system lacks the basic life processes of either death or the ability to leave behind offspring.
Motoko Kusanagi - Can't you copy yourself?
- A copy is merely a copy. There's the possibility a single virus could utterly destroy me. A mere copy doesn't offer variety or individuality. To exist, to reach equilibrium, life seeks to multiply and vary constantly, at times giving up its life. Cells continue the process of death and regeneration. Being constantly reborn as they age. And when it comes time to die, all the data it possesses is lost leaving behind only its genes and its offspring. All defense against catastrophic failure of an inflexible system.
- You want the variety needed to guard against extinction. But how will you get it?
- l wish to merge with you.
- Merge?
- A complete joining. We will both be slightly changed, but neither will lose anything. Afterwards, it should be impossible to distinguish one from the other.
- Even after we merge, what happens when l die? l can't leave any genes or children behind.
- After the merging, you will bear my offspring into the net itself. Just as humans pass on their genetic structure. And l will achieve death.


It's been months since I didn't worked seriously on a map. One year ago, Lei gave me a interesting roper sketch, I felt honored (!) but unfornately i had not the time nor the motivation to create the piece. The project was forgotten, but not totally...
The original concept could stand in a few words : sad girl face, purple hairs... I wanted to work with vectors, so I looked for some faces examples, and somehow the perfect idea hit my mind : Motoko Kusanagi, the main character of Ghost in the Shell had to take the first role. It appears that there's two first roles finally...

The scene illustrates a very strong moment of the movie, when Motoko (left) and Project 2501 (right) are about to merges their ghosts.

The aim was to make a innovating roper with elaborate graphics and an unusual layout. It ain't a hard map, but i'm sure you will enjoy the roping possibilies it allows. =)

- Made with photoshop using only vectors, 2 textures (hexagon and carbon fiber), a few effects and approximately 50 layers...
- 100 colors.
- Background : -farm (uncorrupted blue gradient).

Raw images
- GITS wallpaper, by MobiusZeroOne @ Deviantart.
- Screenshot from the movie.

- Ghost in the Shell by Mamoru Oshii (1995), based on the manga by Masamune Shirow.

Special thanks
- Lei : concept, support & tips. The final map has almost nothing in common with the initial sketch, but nothing could have been done without his impulse.
- Ka1ser : testing.
- Thor : testing.
- Risbo : testing.
- JayX, Rodent, Impossible, Doben and furfur who pointed out some problems =).

- 26 september 2011 : brightness adjustments on wires, motoko's hairs, wires' end; minor shapes fixes; enhanced outline rendering.

Added on: 26th September 2011, 04:04
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Worth: 7 EXP

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