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bigwarma by Scrambled

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Type: Warmer
Size: 6440 x 752, 47KB

Tags: warmer, big map, linear, derp



Hi mates, after some months of editing, testing, editing, testing, farting and again editing, i think i can upload my last map on this site. As u can see this is a classic-designed-wxw-styled warmer, with a central part that is not so linear so the most hard-to-please ropers can have fun too.

Graphics took me a lot of time cause ive added, pixel by pixel, a dark one-pixel outline so you can play the map with background on.

Hf my worms, and see u in ag

scrambled eggs with cheese

Added on: 23rd September 2011, 13:02
Downloads: 1056

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Worth: 3 EXP

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