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Golden Roperace by yuurepoer

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 9600 x 3480, 1599KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: gold yuri sprites yellow ploppa golf


 8.50 (6)
 8.67 (6)
 9.17 (6)

This map, is a Rope-Race, golf, and Ploppa in one! You can choose to play only one
of the 3 games, or 2 or all 3 games combined into one large game,. There is a Nana
launcher at the top right of the map, and a Nana-Surf at the bottom right of the map
This map is the first in a series, The next one will be the Silver Rope-race,
Which will also have 3 games in it, but different games, and no plops on it!


The shape of the roperace is made in a way that you can rope very fast,.
Because of the pointy edge (wich is pulled a bit backwards) the chance is
reduced, that your worm bangs onto it, and the ceiling that slowly comes
down-ways increases the chance of hitting the ceiling with the rope before
you crash your worm into the floor below..


30 holes in this golf-game, Sounds like a lot! however, the holes are not so
hard so if you are a good player, you might be able to make a streak of five
hole-in-ones and even more! And remember,.Stand on the
blue line when a
shot is taken, If thrown while standing on another worm, it does not count..


Kill your opponents by plopping them in one of the holes,. No matter were
you hide your worms, there is always a way to be plopped., (Some ways are
harder) Don't forget there is only 5 seconds of retreat-time so make a plan!
Host decides to use the KTL rule, ABL or no rules regarding who to attack

Note: This is more fun when you rematch it, and set 6 to 8 worms a player,.


* No /TS or /RS
* No Battyrope!

It took me more then 7 months to make this map.. so please share
your opinion about it @ the comment box, So i can learn to get better at it..

And a special thanks to all the people that have helped me testing this map

Added on: 14th August 2011, 16:34
Downloads: 4283

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Worth: 9 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Original. (complain/suggest)