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Clay Pigeon Shooting by Cueshark

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Type: Other Rubber
Size: 5760 x 1040, 99KB

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Welcome to Cueshark's Shooting Range!!!!
(please use scheme provided)

Get your power 5 shotgun ready for a once in a lifetime experience.

1) Play against a friend with 5 worms per team.

2) Place 1 worm in each of the 4 scoring zones and your shooting worm on the SHOOT platform.

3) On your turn, teleport into any of the scoring zones and lay a weapon. Quickly teleport back to the SHOOT platform before the weapon explodes and take aim with your shotgun.

You can score multiple hits on a worm if you are accurate and there are modifications to the gravity to make this a more enjoyable experience. I've also added antisink so your score worms will return nicely to the tube after usage.

Here is a link to a demo gif.

I'd be interested to see replays of especially hardcore shots.

I've managed to shoot a worm using the HHG as my weapon and the timing is extremely difficult.

What is the most points anyone can score on a single turn?

I did a 500 point shot (see below)

Have fun.

Cue :<

Added on: 27th February 2011, 04:23
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Worth: 5 EXP

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