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Pixel Play Hyst/NM by -Katie-

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Type: Other
Size: 2200 x 1000, 450KB

Tags: Hysteria, hyst, normal mod, funky



This is not the sort of map i usually make....

Map based on Normal-Mod and/or Hysteria. Map tested for pixels and playability. Dithered down to 112 Indexed.

I started off with a drawing of a basic map shape, then coloured it in in black texta.. then i cut it out, pasted it on a new piece of paper and scanned it in and augmented it with photoshop. did that 6 times, adding to the map each time

Then grabbed some images of grenades and cluster grenades and then made a 1920x696 pattern with them... and used magic wand to select the map shape and overlayed it to the grenadey BG id made.

Then after playing with that for a while, kind of found it to be a bit blurry so i decided to input a picture with various styling through the grenades.

thx to M157R355_N1ght5h4d3 i got this funky, Albeit Adult,Paclady image and inlayed it in, after editing it a little.

various bevelling, shadowing and pixel eliminations including some of my own plugz to clean it up.

22nd nov: decided that it was just a little too small to do a full normal mod/6 player hyst game, so ive mirrored it and added FX and made this main map. ill upload the single one too to a link for y'all to download, as it is perfect size for 1v1 normal, normal mod or hyst.

27th november:

After further discussion, i decided to upload the package again, this time with both the shopz and NM scheme attatched, this map plus the double version i did. The main version ofc is the single.

So map is now complete. Tested for playability and errors and works well.

ok, so i made two schemes, one normal-mod and one hyst for these maps. Ive included these schemes, this txt and the maps in a rar file on 4shared.

29th nov.. 6 am ...

Colour and black spot prob came to my attention (did not show up during tests) + the prob sheldon saw + the prob fURfur saw...
And a few other problems..
But hard work and lotsa clicking and carpal tunnel... it is fixed and re uploaded! which will kill the rating :( but make it work better!!!

link is here:

Place schemes into Team 17UserSchemes

Map dedicated to: -Violator-


Added on: 27th November 2010, 10:22
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