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The Laboratory Mayhem by BlazeNext-Gen

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Type: Other
Size: 1280 x 1832, 520KB

Tags: lab, next-gen, einstein workshop, detailed, themed



Brief Background Description:
Welcome to the futuristic extraterrestrial laboratory of the mad scientist, human resource and the source of all contemporary genius persons and theory-inventor, Einstein. For the sake of his magnitude, and to tell something about how simple his surname was, it means ein Stein (a stone) in german, and by respect, a crimson-color stone (the source of knowledge, mastermind, genius, or in other word, the philosopher's stone was also indicated and merged into the map. (It's located somewhere in the middle between the edges of the zig-zaggy wires of the telephone, right in thr middle of an experimental desk). His lab was reconstructed (mentally) according to the future, though he did not possess any of these sophisticated experimental devices, as shown on the map, the of the devices he used area poured into a new aspect and design, according to a certain prospect, waiting to be unearthed, conquered, and blasted off.
Due to the color restrictions, the map may not resemble the original full-color detailed map, as it originally was(the detailing is way more implemented colors in this case, actually it was designed in 256-colors (which is, once again, divisable by 8, (colors are alos based on the binary system along endless other influencial computing things)of course, color-stock pattern), and it can possibly look a bit choppy here and there.
Style: Next-gen, Laboratory, New-age, Reconstruction/ Vertical Symmetry in order to broadening the latitude of the map(the free space that worm can move on)
General Features: Several experimental machines, devices, closed terrain, Raised amount of color hues (112, the utmost for WA)
Suitable Scheme: Strategy/Intermediate, (sensibly along with raised amount of blow-torch, shotgun, and pneumatic drill implemented into the weapon stock), Darkside/Rubberworm T17 (just a new idea, applying features like attacking does not end turn, crate shower features and etc, Rubber Forts, blackhole, central gravity or somewhat, hehe
Suggested option-tweaks: Black background is recommended, Rubberworm (30s, as for turntime) along with some of its' features activated, after some minutes (10-15), sudden death shall begin to proceed to a frantic escape from the raising of suddenly-occuring water level, so that the excitement is guaranteed.

Added on: 18th November 2010, 21:26
Downloads: 128

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Worth: 1 EXP

Features: Not-so-good graphics, Unimaginative. (complain/suggest)