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The Crimson Cube Team Forts by BlazeNext-Gen

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Type: Fort
Size: 2472 x 1024, 182KB

Tags: cube, square, crimson, red, next-gen, forts, 2v2



Enjoy destroying the floating cubes and making the opposing team's cube-stock depleted.
Style: Generic cubic shape-fort/New-age/Next-gen
Recommended tweaks of options:

-Shifting to black background (Since I realized the graphics stock of WA, which's color-consistence may be built up from maximally 112 color hues, and in certain places, the corner part of the cubes may look glitchy/choppy, due to the limited amount of colors. (It can be divided by 8, and it is also related to the allowed map's size, which also must be divisible by 8, and what's more, the resolution can be also divided by 8 (Using the pattern of the binary system, two on the third, or in other words, the cube of two is equal with 8, in this case. Just for the respect of this realization, that I noticed, actually Team17 has been working on the pattern of the binary system and, in addition, the fact that the binary system is actually present everywhere if the words and attention are drawn towards computing. Well, actually, it must be present, since computers can only function under the binary system. That's the purpose why this map was made, to explicit the mastership of the binary system, which is also exploited in certain astrophysical calculations. Cubes, cubes. But why cubes? I am not able to represent 2 on the fourth and twenty-fifth in a shape. But the cube of 2 has an actual shape, does not need multi-dimensional dynamics and physics of the fourth dimension, which is time itself, and it's visible by the naked human eye.
-Using generic Forts 2vs2 scheme. It's not a new scheme, the layout itself is generic and similar to the mainstream of the forts maps, so you can use the traditional forts mode.
Features: 3-Dimensional floating crimson cubes, each cube is accummulated mostly upon another piece, and the whole cube-pile, similar to a secondary chemical binding structure duplicated by horizontal symmetry and opposed to each other with a few inches distance.
[b]Suitable schemes
: the forts scheme is the most suitable, you can still try it on several other schemes which use the same "open" map pattern.

Added on: 17th November 2010, 21:46
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