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I see worms everywhere! by Rodent

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Type: Mole Shopper
Size: 1000 x 760, 182KB



Sometimes when I am sitting in a room, or walking down the street, I see worms around me killing each other or doing rope tricks... probably many of you have same problem after hours spent in front of PC... playing worms...

Anyway this map is dedicated to the "nice" series started by mono(#15974) and continued by Impossible(#15975)... :D

Because of size of map... I suggest to play with teams with 1 or 2 worms and no more then 4 players... standard mole shopper scheme + worms placement before game "on".

Added on: 29th October 2010, 01:42
Downloads: 1630

Comments: 11 (read/write)

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Worth: 7 EXP

Features: Good graphics, Original, Sprites. (complain/suggest)