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-digging_race_Prison_break by Clogg

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Type: Other
Size: 14616 x 10608, 1998KB

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Tags: digging, race, wkIndiMask, indimask, semi, destruc



Digging race is scheme I invented when I found out about wormkit plugin "wkIndiMask.dll"
What this plugin does? Well first it scans map for this color: #f018cc Than, if its present, it threats some colors as destructable and some as not. (semi-destructable terrain) Yes and there is also something between. Socalled Tough terrain, that can be destroied by heavy weapons only.
So the digging race is basicaly tower race with some walls you must break thru. To do so, you should set up /multishot (thats wormkit utility that lets you shot unlimited times in one turn). An immortal worms (/godmode) is also quite handy because this amount of shooting is quite dangerous.
And rules? Shoot bazooka, mortar FROM ROPE and get from start (there are 4 starts, one for each player) to finish. I also add some crates for easyer digging/ destructing the path to other players.
You can also block other players with girders or build yourself a new path.

I hope you will enjoy it just as I do.
PS: Plugin can be found here

Added on: 25th October 2010, 16:02
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