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Amazing Spider Girl by scarface011606

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 6000 x 6000, 519KB

Tags: Spider Girl, scarface



file size: 6000x6000

Was asked to do a pink rope race....did best I could, got lazy towards end as usual, but i think plays nice...images obtained through yahoo image search of spidergirl

removed that dot that was confusing at start, made text more legible, changed the finish (not quite as boring), fixed minimexi fly so that its possible just still difficult.....I have managed to get one, but it took several attempts....put my dots at finish for figure 8 swings; without using roof- swoosh from left dot to right dot, swoosh down to bottom and swing over to next set of dots.....if doesnt make sense ill see if i cant get a replay of it

if anything else needs to be fixed, just leave a comment or letme know on wormnet if you see me ; )

-Darkened map, changed size of the mexi fly as well as the suggestion; now reads mini dragon fly (works more consistently) or be brave and mexi, added piece of land at angled part to give people a chance of not failing there, and put in dedication to spidergirl.....
Think these changes will be the last, as I cant find anything else with map; but find anything just letme know one way or another ; )

Added on: 22nd October 2010, 02:54
Downloads: 1578

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Worth: 3 EXP

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