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Ocean Hotel by yuurepoer

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Type: Tower Race
Size: 1600 x 20000, 1956KB

WSC file: Download

Tags: Waterrise, Tower, yuri


 9.75 (4)
 9.75 (4)
 9.75 (4)

The map is made in a way that the water will be a challenge all the way till the top!
As you get higher, it gets harder, anticipating on the fact that some players died by then..

(Playing without the water-rise scheme enables you to use the Nana-Surf and Shake-Surf!)


- Use the proper scheme (Can be downloaded above..)
- Mines are three seconds
- Host decides Batty/TS (Or none of both)
- No blocking or knocking!
- Water rises one tunnel each time (160 Pix.)
- Set 1 worm a player


The amount of players will sett the difficulty:

2 players = Very easy
3 players = Easy
4 players = Normal
5 players = Hard
6 players = Very hard

Map facts:

- 1600 x 20.000 pixels
- Made in MS.Paint
- Four Fly area's
- 97 Colors
- Background is Forest (Blue and brown)

There are no rules regarding the little alternative routes, these routes are -
not specifically faster then the normal route, but it gives you a second chance -
when the normal route is blocked by the water..
(not faster, but you stay higher up)

Added on: 4th October 2010, 13:16
Downloads: 3489

Comments: 50 (read/write)

Favorites: This map is on the favorites list of 8 users.

Worth: 7 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Good graphics, Sprites. (complain/suggest)