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Titan Crush RR by D_Wormkiller

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Type: Rope Race
Size: 485 x 342, 556KB

Tags: Rope Race Tower D_Wormkiller



This time I created an alternative rope race track. Maintaining my same line of being original at the price of graphics (which are not the maximum), this time you're in the middle of a catastrophic event.
4 elementar titans have come to Wormland to destroy the whole worminity. Your task is passing through the obstacles (better, through the same titans) in order to reach the end.
The map is quite large (6400*4800), it is a mix between rope and tower race (consider you have to climb and move forward) and has different features:

- Interactive track: You need to move through huge bodies, right? Well, except for the beginning, the borders of the rope race track are the bodies of titans themselves. Consequently, you feel part of the conflict.
- Not-linear borders: The difficulty is slightly increased due by the use of not-linear parts, where you have to use your head in order to proceed through your quest
- Tight and open spaces: 90% of map is covered, but sometimes a little bit of fresh air is tollerated. So, you'll have to make some flights or reach some positions to continue your quest.
- Relaxing and annoying parts: As every rope race, there are situations in which you have to call some god to pass. Also in this rope race you'll have to suffer sometimes.
- Easter Egg: This time I put a sprite (oh no, I ruined my record of horrible graphic!). Can you find it?

I tried the map by myself before uploading it. It is possible to complete and, correct me if I'm wrong, it requires 7-8 minutes without mistakes.

PS: Feedbacks and constructive comments are well accepted in order to improve the following maps and to have some new ideas. Graphics complaints are refused
because I already know that they're horrible

Added on: 21st June 2010, 18:09
Downloads: 115

Comments: 13 (read/write)

Worth: 4 EXP

Features: Elaborate, Not-so-good graphics, Themed. (complain/suggest)

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