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Bell Of Heaven by BigBoaz

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Type: Shopper
Size: 800 x 1920, 69KB

Tags: Stealing, Ideas, From, Lei


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A Long Time Ago The Ancient's Have Built The Bell Of Heaven.
It Was A Shrine For God's Of Olympus,
Each God Wanted The Shrine For Him Self And The God's Forced The Human's To Fight For Them.
There Were Many Bloody Wars Over The Bell Of Heaven.
And In The End The Bell Of Heaven Has Been Forgoton, Staind With The Blood Of The Ancient's.


I have made this map a while ago and then i didnt like it much so i wasent planing to post on wmdb but i playd it with Dik and he told me that i should post it on wmdb.

Its been made with CastleVania Sprites.
Ive Basicly usd MS Paint to build the map Than PAINT SHOP PRO 9 To add nice text and make the map 64 colors
Its Pirate Background ( [color=#800]Red[/color] ).

Added on: 10th March 2010, 07:42
Downloads: 1882

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Worth: 5 EXP

Features: Original, Sprites. (complain/suggest)