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Fragments of a Forgotten Age by sheldon

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Type: Golf
Size: 1896 x 1928, 112KB

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A long time ago, slaves were made to construct a golf map for their Pharaoh. The Pharaoh died and the course was never finished. Take a trip to a forgotten land where your skills will be tested.

Have you got the Pharaoh-Factor?

Try out your luck on this gold-shrouded course, where you will need patience, luck and persistence.

Jetpack from hole to hole, racing to finish the 9th and top the podium...

Good luck, you will need it.



A 64-colour sprite-based map, all credit to Revned for sprite rips from Lemmings (PC, 1991)

Use the attached scheme to move around with the jetpack. Use two worms per player in case of accidents (water is possible!)

The map is saved with the Time background, which is quite mild on the eyes (golf games can last a long time). If you prefer a brighter more contrasting background, use the Gulf theme.

Each hole is associated with its tee, by an adjacent number.

Every hole has been thoroughly tested and all are possible, though difficulty varies throughout. My tip is to go with your instinct, but also try different approaches, most holes have more than one possible solution.

This is my first sprite map and I spent hours and hours adjusting sprites, tiling, resizing, stretching, customising... If there are any suggested improvements from you pro-spriters, please shout out :) I am quite pleased with this one though.

Please use the 10 seconds retreat time you have to move your worm off the tee so that the next player can have the full range of position to experiment with. Your worm must be elevated by the tee, i.e. it cannot be standing flat on the ground next to the tee, whether it looks like it is touching or not. You may stand on the edge of the tee.

Added on: 7th March 2010, 22:41
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