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Bungaholic Evilnism 2: Golden Castle vs. Blue Ships by Taz

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Type: Bungee Race
Size: 2920 x 1416, 60KB

Tags: pSc, BbG, Bungee, Bungeerace


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Ahh, finally i got this working pretty much as i wanted :) I present the Bungaholic Evilnism 2: Golden Castle vs. Blue Ships.

Could be played with 4 different shorter races:
1st: Green Pipe Area,
2nd: Tower climbing area,
3rd: Coin Area,
4th and the last: Blue Ship Area.

The map still takes me aprrox 1 hour to play. You always get stucked in some part of the map if you are not teleing. But i hope it inspires ppl to learn different kinda bungeeing and if you like pressure, Don`t tele :P Njoyz to all who wish to try this, GL too ^^

24.12: As a kind of a christmas present, i present the update of the BE2. Doben fixed "some" blackness" and the map looks much better now. I also fixed som known bugs in the map and i think i made somthing easier, at least the sitting mario spot is more bungeeable. I own a big thx to Doben so if i ever get to Australia imma buy him a really big fosters or sumthin :P Well nothing else actually so Merry Christmas to everyone :)

Tazmanian Devil

Added on: 15th December 2009, 01:01
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