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Tripple Rush Challenge by lacoste

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Type: Battle Race
Size: 4296 x 1448, 272KB

WSC file: Download



New scheme concept by me (i have never seen that kind of challenge, same goes for people i played with). Sofar playable only 1v1, but im gonna post 2v2/FFA edition aswell.
Objective: Start under Player #/Level 1 mark and be the first who reach finish; repeat at Level 2 and 3.
Few words about scheme itself: its typical rush, 250 mines around, easy battle race map, mistake = waste of full turn; and remember, be sure to enable 150% speed mode by typing /speed in lobby chat.

Map is a mix of popular NES games. I didnt put much attetion searching sprites, so i just edited levels from Bonk's Adventure, Darkwing Duck and Megaman to be able to run in WA and play Rusher.

Added on: 23rd September 2009, 12:17
Downloads: 553

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Worth: 7 EXP

Features: Good graphics, Original, Themed, Sprites. (complain/suggest)